Amplify Your Social Media Outreach for Immediate Results
The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website
The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website
September 18, 2016

Amplify Your Social Media Outreach for Immediate Results

Is your company blogging and copy-pasting the URLs left, right and centre? Some businesses write their own blogs but then they do nothing with them. These sad little articles stack in a blog module and seem to live in isolation when compared to the rest of the website.

Sure, a steady stream of articles can help you rank organically, if they’re optimised, however if you are not taking full advantage of the wonders of social media then quite frankly: you’re doing it wrong.

Defer to a Digital Agency for Social Media Advice

At Adaptive Marketing, we specialise in online marketing strategies and know when you are wasting your energy on tasks that will not maximise ROI. We take a more holistic approach to all things digital and see blog strategies as but one component of a much larger and overarching content marketing strategy.

Share Blog Posts Responsibly with Buttons

Your blog posts are like standalone landing pages that have the potential to convert. So why wouldn’t you share them with the world?

Ensure that your UI/UX features social buttons for direct social media shares. Ideally, you want to make the process of sharing your articles to be as easy as possible. People are lazy so they need constant prompting to do your bidding.

Check Your Links

Always triple-check all hyperlinks that interlink between your blog and other landing pages of your main website. If there are broken links, you might lose a few sales opportunities as a result of technical issues. Make the user experience as friendly as possible.

Direct Email Marketing is your Friend

If you have a database of contacts, you should consider developing an electronic newsletter strategy. Whip up a template, add your blog posts and blast emails. The team at Adaptive Marketing can guide you through the process and provide invaluable analytical support so that you can track open rates, click-through rates and so much more.

How to Find the Best Social Media Platforms For You

Think about your customers, your buyer personas. Where do these people go online? Choosing the right social media channels can help you share your blog posts and landing pages with the right kind of people—you know, the ones that like to engage with your content.

Here is a brief rundown some of the biggest social media platforms:


  • Business-centric platform
  • Focus on professional interests, business objectives and industry spokespersons
  • Perfect for corporate networking and technical industries


  • Great for newsfeeds (140-character limit per post)
  • Share content with industry influencers
  • Use hashtags to segment content for specific niches


  • Connect with contacts via Hangouts
  • Invite guest speakers and manage webinars
  • Segment your audience with circles


  • Share posts with relevant groups and other Facebook pages
  • Create/optimise your business profile
  • Experiment with sponsored post functionality

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