Augmented Reality Apps for Online Marketing

Are you looking for an innovative digital strategy that will engage and convert? Have you considered using augmented reality apps to promote your products and services? Adaptive Marketing’s AR developers specialise in the use of modern, immersive technologies to grab the attention of consumers in various industries. We are also involved in virtual reality app development.

AR/VR Experts

Are you looking for AR/VR mobile app developers to produce a customised digital solution? Call Adaptive Marketing today. We also offer other marketing solutions such as SEO, SEM, blog strategies and so much more.

Interactive Content

Fashion, Beauty and Skincare

The mainstream fashion, beauty and skincare demographic use social media platforms like Snapchat to overlay hilarious animations on their faces. This AR technology can also be integrated into a variety of commercial interests to sell products. You can use augmented reality apps to overlay lipstick, clothing and other accessories to showcase your wares.

Interactive Content

Augmented reality apps are also useful for adding an additional interactive layer to your digital strategy. This could be in the form of a game or bonus content for participating with AR peripherals.


Retailers and other businesses could use AR technology to promote a treasure hunt or promotional event to encourage users to visit physical store locations.

Solar PV and Heating and Cooling Applications

We can create or integrate specialised AR apps to track and predict the movement of the sun. This would allow homeowners to estimate the perks of installing solar panels and help heating and cooling specialists plan air conditioner installations.

Virtual Reality App Development

Virtual Reality App Development

VR tech is becoming more mainstream and there are so many exciting ways to apply it to your digital strategy. Smartphone and other handheld devices are now adaptable VR devices that we can exploit to advertise brands, products and services.

Creative Introductions

Computer graphic imaging and rendering can be used in clever ways to introduce people to your brand. Consider virtual reality app development for your next product launch.

Showroom Demonstrations

Virtual reality app development has come a long way. VR tech allows us to conduct virtual showroom demonstrations so that you can flaunt your facility, inventory and more.

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