How to Engage Your Customer with Pain Points
The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website
The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website
September 18, 2016

How to Engage Your Customer with Pain Points

Inbound online marketing methodologies preach the perks of exploiting pain points. No, we’re not talking about ninjas performing free chiropractic care to coerce you into closing a sale—although, that would be pretty cool—we’re looking at how digital conversions are now more concerned with resolving a problem rather than shoving unique selling points down your throat.

A User-Centric Approach to Online Marketing

It helps to get inside the mind of your customers (not literally, of course). What are your customers looking for when they browse for things to purchase? If you spam your customers them with the same, bland calls-to-action on a website page then don’t be surprised when your target audience decides to ignore you and move on.

Provide a Compelling Reason for Users to Click-Through

Thoughtful, engaging content will always draw people in. If you are clever enough you can use your words and other design elements (UI/UX) to guide the customer to the core messages that define your products and services. The trick is to also use this opportunity to relate to the user by triggering a pain point i.e. a problem that your business can resolve if your customer agrees to part with their cash for your stuff.

Considerations for eCommerce Digital Platforms

You will often see what appears to be a never-ending inventory of all the things. Without adequate product descriptions, interlinking or effective calls-to-action, am eCommerce site can struggle to convert leads which is why you should defer your online marketing strategies to the team at Adaptive Marketing. We can assess everything from the UI/UX and landing page optimisation to content marketing and more.

Industrial Applications That You Can Relate To

There is always a positive spin for selling and promoting products and services. This is important because users are more likely to click-through content that elaborates on the real-life advantages and spells-out how your goods are meant to be used.

Keyword Research for Relevance

What are your competitors up to? Inspect their websites to see what keyword strings they do and do not emphasise in their writing and design. A little market knowledge can help you identify opportunities to attempt conversions from angles that your competitors have neglected or not considered.


  • Pain points are problems that we use to sell our products and services
  • Determine realistic, believable issues that your business can solve

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