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Email marketing is a digital strategy that allows you to connect with your prospects and clients via direct means. Email is powerful because almost anybody who is active online has an email address. While various marketing trends come and go, email remains one of the most reliable methods for online marketing.

At Adaptive Marketing we create email newsletters coordinate EDM campaigns that encourage conversion. We recognise that visual information is so important that we adapt our email templates to be as readable and as engaging as possible. Nobody will read a block of text. We ensure that the content design flows smoothly and has enough imagery and white space to emphasise the core messages.

There comes a point, however, when it does not matter how optimised your content may be, if you do not monitor and make sense of your metrics then you are simply wasting your precious time.

EDM Campaign Professionals

Call Adaptive Marketing today to refine your email marketing practices. We are an experienced email marketing agency that also specialises in social media, copywriting, responsive web design and more.

EDM Campaign Analysis

EDM Campaign Analysis and Split Testing

A vital component of our email marketing methodology is the analysis of your EDM campaign metrics and KPIs. Without measuring performance how can you determine whether your actions are making a positive difference? Some of the metrics and rates that we monitor include:

  • Open rate
  • Overall ROI
  • Click-through rate
    Unengaged subscribers Email shares Conversion rate

Allow us to align your specific goal with key metrics, conduct A/B split research and testing and create an email newsletter campaign that nurtures your clients as they progress through the sales funnel with relevant, unique and original content.

SEO Copywriter Capabilities

SEO copywriters perform professional writing and editing services as well as keyword research, mapping and optimisation. This is a vital requirement when incorporating SEO services with landing page copy for your website or other digital strategies.

The research phase for an SEO copywriter involves reviewing ranking reports, collaborating with the SEO team and the client to find the keyword strings that will benefit the client the most in terms of generating relevant site traffic and more. The SEO copywriter then maps these shortlisted keyword strings to a mock of the sitemap.

With client approval, the SEO copywriter proceeds with content creation while being mindful of search engine optimisation practices. Adaptive Marketing apply similar methodologies to other online marketing solutions.

EDM Campaign Analysis and Split Testing

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