The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website
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September 18, 2016
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September 18, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website

The Pros and Cons of Using Stock Images for your Website

When you look at a landing page the photography can be a very influential feature because for some digital strategies it’s the image that binds everything together. Sure, there are a whole bunch of other crucial UI/UX elements in play from text layout and colour choice to mobile responsive themes and other nitty-gritty details however image selection should never be underestimated. Let’s discuss.

Clever UI/UX

We tend to connect with human faces and engage with those in-the-now moments—you know, where you see someone throwing a ball medias res or a freight manager standing in the middle of a warehouse typing on a laptop while holding a clipboard with the other hand.

Actions really do speak louder than words, which is why you should be mindful of the photos that you upload as part of your website design. Choosing the right images can say a lot about your organisation, your brand, your employees and more.

Authentic Photography versus Stock

This is a contentious debate because the issue is more complicated than saying genuine, original photos are better than stock. Here’s why.

The Dental Industry

Dental clinics can benefit from using their own photos of their facilities and patients because the online market is saturated with the same clichéd stock imagery. This is partly due to the nature of this particular industry. Most dentists commit to online marketing campaigns and SEO to rank for common keyword strings.

In order to rise above the competition, though, dentists should consider using their own original photography as a point of difference. You would be amazed at how refreshing it is to click-through a dental surgeon’s website that isn’t littered with stock.

Freight, Construction, Logistics

There are situations, however, when using genuine photography can work against you. But how can using your own photos be a bad idea? Well, there are plenty of reasons:

  • Poor quality camera
  • Unflattering shots of staff, facilities and equipment
  • Unfocused, fuzzy images

Also, if your organisation is a start-up or is about to expand it may not be practical to use your own photography.

You can consult Adaptive Marketing to coordinate a professional photographer or alternatively, we can refer you to a selection of stock imagery to find something more appropriate for your online marketing requirements.

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